A.G. Cleaning Services


We offer superb service for our commercial customers. We make great effort to ensure that all of our customers – large and small – are happy!

In order to provide you the best service we work on the list of tasks with you. We meet you so that you can show us around. Services that we are providing include: dusting, picking up the cutlery and cups from the desks, washing up, disinfecting telephone handsets, vacuuming, mopping, emptying the bins, cleaning the windows ledges, and skirting boards. We also know how important it is to keep your fridge, microwave and coffee maker clean. And our cleaners will make sure they are kept that way on a daily basis!

Moreover, we can arrange other services for our regular customers. These include: buffing the floors, shampooing the carpet and cleaning the windows.

We understand that every office is different and we are always happy to meet and discuss your needs. Once we have a look and carefully listen to your requirement, we estimate how many hours are needed. Our aim is to provide you with high service at an affordable price and we are happy to discuss any ideas you have. Because we are based in Central London, we are very flexible about when you want to see us!

We know that every single client is an individual and that is why we treat you individually. We believe that communication is the key to great partnership and we encourage our clients to talk to us about anything they want us to improve.

It is always good to make sure that we are doing good job and for that reason we like to meet our customers once in a while to review our work. All comments are welcome and dealt with immediately. We are proud of our quick response to all of our customers.

Even if you don’t call us, we like to know that your cleaning is always performed to the highest standard. Thus, we send our supervisor to review the cleaners’ work once in a while, just as with our non-commercial customers!

Health and safety are our priority and our cleaners are trained every month to make sure they are aware of any hazard.

AG Cleaning Services is very proud that most of our clients come from recommendation. This means that we are matching our clients’ needs and we are sure we can satisfy yours too!

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We will prepare individual contract for our customers and we will work closely with them to satisfy both parties.