A.G. Cleaning Services

Standard Domestic Cleaning

For domestic cleaning you will receive the same person on each cleaning session. We believe that this will let your cleaner bond with your house, learn how you like things to be done, as well as allow keeping an eye on what should be cleaned in rotation.

Our services include cleaning the kitchen, washing all the surfaces, cleaning and polishing the sink and taps, cleaning outside of cupboards, inside of the microwave etc. This also includes washing up, loading and emptying the dishwasher.

Moreover, we suggest some things can be done once a month, e.g. cleaning inside of your oven, cupboards or windows. This of course depends on the time that your cleaner is given.

Our weekly duties include dusting all the surfaces in bedrooms, living areas etc (this include cleaning skirting boards). Moreover, we will pick up any clothes left on the floor and fold them neatly as well as make the bed. If you wish, we can also change the sheets for you – simply leave the new one on the bed and your cleaner will happily put the dirty one in the laundry basket or if you prefer they can switch your washing machine on for you.

We know how important your bathroom is and the cleaner will make sure that the shower screens are left without lime scale and the taps are cleaned and polished. The bath and sink not only wiped, but also thoroughly washed and dried. If you wish, the cleaner can change the towels for you as well as replace the toilet paper roll.

Our domestic customers are pleased with our cleaners’ amazing ironing skills which we are very proud of. The cleaners are happy to iron anything you leave for them as long as you let us know before the cleaning session. What is also great about this is that it can be done with no extra charge!

To make sure that we match your expectations, we would like to first visit your home so we can both make a list of tasks. We will help you to estimate how many hours are needed to meet your requirements.  Because the whole of our team previously worked as cleaners, we have fairly good idea what can be achieved within allocated time so why don’t talk to us today?

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We have a fixed rate of £21.00 per hour.

• We accept weekly payments by cash, cheque, standing order, or credit card only. If you wish to pay monthly, you need to pre-pay using any of the above paying methods or sign a recurring payment by credit /debit card agreement.

• The Client must pay the full price of the arranged service if:

• The cleaning is cancelled less than 24 hours before the arranged time

• Our cleaners arrive at the Client’s address and are unable to gain access to the Client’s home through no fault of AG Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd. If keys are provided they must open all locks without any difficulties.

• In an event that you are not satisfied with the standard of work, you should contact AG Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd within 36 hours after the completion of the service.

• If something is damaged while cleaning your property, we will pay to fix it. However, we are not responsible for normal wear-and-tear or if an item is damaged through no fault of the cleaner. If you have any items that require special care, please let us know. Otherwise, they will not be covered if they get damaged.*

• If you choose to resign from our service, you agree that for the period of 6 months after the termination of the contract you will not use the cleaner provided to you by AG Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd.

• If your cleaner cannot work we will let you know and try to provide a replacement.

• For one-off cleans, move out or spring-cleans, we require full payment prior to commencing cleaning.


* we do not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £250.00 of any loss. Please make your own insurance arrangements.