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Ecological Cleaning Products: Myth and Truth

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012


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Cleaning products used by our cleaning company are needed for maintaining healthful and attractive conditions in the workplace and home. Besides the obvious aesthetic advantages of cleaning, removal of dust, infectious agents, and allergens is critical to sustaining a healthy interior environment.

However, cleaning products used by other cleaning companies may present multiple environmental and health concerns. Here are some myths and truths concerning ecological cleaning products:

Myth: Ecological cleaning products are costly.

Truth: As ecological cleaning chemicals were initially made they were a bit pricier than conventional cleaning chemicals. These days the expenses of green products will be no more costly than the price of conventional cleaning products. More production and research of ecological cleaning products have reduced the expense of safer cleaning supplies and products. Therefore, green products aren’t any longer any more costly than conventional cleaning items.

Myth: Ecological cleaning procedures and products aren’t as effective as conventional procedures and products.

Truth: Improvement of ecological cleaning supplies and products has made them as effective as conventional cleaning techniques. A few products, like microfiber cloths, clean better than conventional dust cloths which spread more dust than they will pick up.

Myth: All that’s needed to do is utilize ecological products and I could market my company as an ecological cleaning business.

Truth: Ecological cleaning used by cleaning companies is a lot more than utilizing ecological products. It’s an entire system which begins with the right employee training, implementing techniques to keep soil away from buildings like adequate matting and decreasing the necessity for chemicals (for instance, day-to-day vacuuming in order for carpet cleaning not to be needed so often).

Myth: Businesses offering ecological cleaning services must be certified.

Truth: Even though there are available certifications (LEED and Green Seal®), you aren’t required to be certified to implement an ecological cleaning program.

Myth: Just environmentalists are concerned about ecological cleaning.

Truth: All of us possess a general interest within protecting our health.

Myth: In order to implement an ecological cleaning program you must dump all your present chemicals and purchase new chemicals.

Truth: It’s possible to slowly start transitioning from your present system to ecological cleaning procedures. It’s better to begin with first eliminating the harshest chemicals and slowly change the remainder of your equipment, products, and procedures. It’ll work best to change one item at a time, in order for you to assess the results and be certain that the items fulfill your needs.

Here are some advantages to purchasing green:

1.Selecting less hazardous items which possess positive environmental attributes (that is, low toxicity, biodegradability, low VOV (volatile organic compound) content, decreased packaging, low life cycle energy usage), as well as taking measures to decrease exposure may minimize dangerous impacts to building occupants and custodial workers, improve interior air quality, and decreasing ambient air and water pollution while additionally ensuring the efficiency of cleaning within removing biological and additional contaminants from a structure’s interior.

2. Purchasing cleansers in concentrates with suitable handling safeguards, as well as reduced, reusable, or recyclable packaging, decreases transportation energy and packaging waste.

3. Purchasing less harmful cleaners might decrease expenses as it’ll come time to correctly dispose of all leftover cleaners.

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