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Friday, April 5th, 2019

I would like to dedicate this blog to the excellent team of cleaners who work hard to help make your home that bit more clean and tidy. At AG Cleaning we are only as good as the people who work for us and it is important that those who make a difference are recognised and equally where we fall short of expectations that we get an opportunity to fix that.

It is amazing how strong the relationships between our cleaners and our clients can be. However whether close to your cleaner or whether you rarely see them, we would expect you to receive the same first class service. I think it is important to understand a bit more about our team of cleaners and how you have helped both them and AG Cleaning go from strength to strength.

Your cleaner may visit your home once a week, maybe twice a week or in some cases every day. Sometimes you see them and ask how they feel. Sometimes you get to know them as you are at home and they speak enough English to have a conversation with you. Sometimes you bond with them and enjoy their cleaning as well as their company, often our cleaners will know about your family and children and you know about their family also. You may even know when each other’s birthdays are.

Some of you however may rarely see your cleaner but still you can always tell when they have been and of course you want to know that you are in safe hands and may want to know a bit more about the person who visits your home and leaves it looking better each time.

I can tell you that at AG cleaning we recruit a wide range of people from various parts of the world. Often English is a second language for them, however they are keen to improve and become part of UK society. Many of our younger cleaners see this job as an opportunity to get started in the UK and use it as a springboard to their next role in the UK. Some of our cleaner may be less confident speaking English however they are fully trained and are equally keen to deliver on providing a first class job for you our customers. In order to be responsive to the requests of our customers we try to have all our cleaners located and living within 45 min from the clients homes. Most of our cleaners have a partner and many have children. The team at AG cleaning is well established and more than half of my team have lived and worked for AG cleaning in the UK for longer than 5 years.

It is great when I hear that my team have a great relationship with their clients and I am pleased to see how friendships have grown over the years. We are here to make your life easier and we will try our best. Of course sometimes we forget to do something, or we misplace something, these things happen and in order to make us better at fulfilling the standards that you want from us we are looking to issue a satisfaction survey. We really appreciate your comments. We don’t want unhappy clients, who feel that they are not getting value for money. You are giving us job, making our life possible in the UK and we want to make sure you know we are grateful and we are deserving of your support. Equally if you have a cleaner who goes above and beyond and who you believe deserves some recognition please let me know too, your thanks and appreciation really does go a long way and I am sure it will make my team very happy to know that they have done a good job.

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