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It must be Love...

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Valentine’s Day is almost here. 

A few more days and the flower shops will have their roses selling by the dozen. Chocolate makers will get their hands dirty making all kinds of shapes and sizes of chocolate hearts. Restaurants will be fully booked and many cards will be written to loved ones. 
It’s a time when ‘Love is in the Air’. Where the toothpaste on the sink doesn’t bother you as much, the coffee cup left on the table seems to disappear, the dry food in the bowl left yesterday after breakfast magically doesn’t scream to be put in the dishwasher. Those dirty socks on the floor somehow don’t drive you crazy, the spilt milk on the kitchen counter doesn’t look so disgusting and the shoes left in front of the door have not tripped you up yet again.
It must be love, it must be that one day when you can forgive, when you can easily overlook those little things which normally catch your eye. 
Fortunately that 14th of February feeling can last a little longer. Imagine your relationship where you don’t actually have to pretend you don’t see those little things? Imagine your life where socks are put away, laundry done, spilt milk wiped, toothpaste cleaned  and stains removed?
Close your eyes and think how much better your life would be if you can return home to a clean place.
Yes, no more rushing home to tidy up, to dust on all those shelves. No need to get on your knees to scrub that toilet and bathroom floor, no more bending to reach skirting boards. No more carrying that heavy hoover on the stairs and no more getting your hands dirty when mopping the floor. We can help you remove domestic conflict and give you more quality time with  your partner or your flat mate instead of discussing whose turn it is to do the cleaning. Could Valentine’s Day become Valentine’s Year? Could AG Cleaning Services help your relationship?  We don’t know that, but there is nothing to lose. 
For those of us who may not have that ‘Special Someone’, why don’t you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and let AG Cleaning be the ones to make this month special? We can help free up some more time to yourself to enjoy the hobbies and interests that make you happy.  
Open your eyes and check us out. Give us a call: who knows you might even fall in love with us? And don’t forget about our promotion in February. Recommend us to your friends and receive 2 hours of cleaning free of charge once they use us 4 times. 

With love, Andrzej

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