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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Can you believe it’s already 2013? Last year was full of changes, surprises and challenges for our cleaning company. For instance, we have witnessed the Olympics in the heart of London, which was a very stressful moment, but also an exciting one. Then, survived (yet another) end of the world and here we are – arriving in the 2013! Did you have a good time during the Holiday break? I certainly did! Especially the New Year’s Eve was a great one: I invited all of my friends for a house party at my place and personally, I believe it was the best party of the 2013 so far!

But then, what comes is cleaning time. If you’ve ever threw a house party before, you probably know what I’m talking about. Digging through piles of rubbish, empty bottles, broken glass, dealing with spills and stains can be a nightmare. When you’re tired aftar having fun all night and just need a quiet day, then probably the best option for you is to call up a cleaning company to do the job for you (mind that this would have to be booked in advance). Otherwise, if you feel that you’ve got enough vital energy to clean up the mess yourself, I believe I might be able to give you a few tips on how to approach an after-party cleaning in an easy and efficient way.

Are you ready? Then wipe off the morning gloom and follow these simple steps!

First thing that can make your place look just repulsive when you’re waking up after a party is a pile of rubbish everywhere, making it impossible to even get to the toilet. The good news is that it is hardly ever as bad as it seems! Your flat is still underneath the refuse and all you need to do is to grab a plastic bag and walk around the whole of your place, picking up everything that should go to the bin. It’s also a good idea to make two rounds like that – first collect all the recyclables and then grab another bag for all that’s left. I bet your house will already look much cleaner, even though you haven’t even started the actual cleaning!

Once there is no more rubbish in your sight and you can see your apartment properly, it’s time to deal with all the urgent issues, like stains and spills. The sooner you address these, the easier you get rid of them. Because we’re dealing with after party cleaning here, it’s most likely that your stains are caused by alcohol spills. And what alcohol leaves the heaviest stains on your carpets and furniture? That is red wine of course! Fortunately, there is an easy solution that can help you with it. First of all, blot it, never scrub the stain or it will spread and get deeper into the carpet. Make sure you use a clean cloth for this, as you will have to alternate it in order to use a fresh spot all the time. Then pour some water onto the stain and blot it again until you reach the point when no more can be removed. After this, mix baking soda with water (the proportion is 3 to 1) to make a paste that you can apply straight onto the stain. Leave it for half an hour to sink in and dry out and then hoover. This should make any red wine stains magically gone!

Next step is to walk around the flat (again) and take all the glassware, porcelain and other dishes to the kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, load it with items that seem easily washable, like plates, bowles, cuttlery etc. If you were throwing a party, you probably cooked a few goodies and thus, have some dirty pots or casserole dishes containing dried leftovers or even burns. Best way to deal with those is to pour some dishwashing soap over them and let them soak in hot water (boiling should work best) for a while. After 10-30 minutes all the dirt should come off easily!
You can also consider the food leftovers – you can probably still refrigerate some instead of putting all of it to the waste.

Now, once the rubbish is gone, all the dishes have been washed and any urgent matters dealt with, you can finally begin the actual cleaning, as you or your cleaner would normally do. But did you notice anything? That’s right! There’s not that much left to clean, is there?

Happy new year!

All the best,
Andrzej Goluch

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