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Going green for the New Year

Monday, January 14th, 2013

With coming 2013, many people make their New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes they include quitting smoking, attending gym or switching to a healthier diet. Others will be spending more time with family or replacing London’s public transport with a bike. If you have not decided about your 2013 yet, our cleaning company has a  suggestion that is definitely worth trying!

In the recent years there has been much fuzz about going green in every aspect of life. Why not making 2013 a better one for both your household and Mother Earth? You can easily achieve this by following these few simple steps and asking your cleaner to do some of it for you.

First thing that you should know is that most cleaning products in our everyday use are based on petroleum – the very substance that’s in fuel, asphalt and plastic. This can be harmful for your health, as well as the environment. Luckily, there is an increasing number of brands on the market, who produce biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners that can be used without negative effects on your wellbeing. Although, these products are normally slightly more expensive than the conventional ones.  In case the price is your decisive factor, you may want to consider a simple home-made mix that can be used for almost anything: warm water with some vinegar or soda  gives surprisingly efficient results!

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is just the beginning on your way for a greener and healthier household. These days, our houses are very well isolated, which is a good thing, especially during the winter time, because it keeps all the heat inside. Although, this also holds all the germs and toxins indoors. Opening the windows a few times a day helps refresh your place and gets rid of the toxins in the air.

Speaking of cleaning the indoor air, there is a natural filtering system used on Earth since the beginning of times. It’s cheap, efficient and looks just great – plants. Leaves absorb gases, both carbon dioxide, that we produce in the process of breathing, and the toxins, which are then cleaned in the plant’s roots, where the chemicals are broken into a harmless form. Get a few plants into your household and freshen up your air much better than any branded air fresheners out there! And if you especially like to give your place a lovely smell that often comes along such store-bought products, you can still achieve it by simply cooking cinnamon and some herbs, like cloves and any other ones that you fancy.

Another way to serve the planet is to dispose any toxic products with care. A common crime frequently commited by most of us is throwing away old containers to the general bin. Chemicals disposed this way go straight to the landfill and take part in the natural circulation of elements within the environment. This means that the same toxic waste you disposed, may come back to you as part of the water supply! The way to avoid this is to toss such waste into special bins designed to keep toxics and electronics, which are then disposed in an environment-friendly way.

A good and efficient practise is also using concentrated cleaning products. These usually go in big bottles, which is a great thing, because it actually uses less packaging to store more of the product. Then, you can mix a small amount of it with water in a reusable bottle! Switching to reusable products is not only a great way to limit the amount of disposed rubbish, but also gives you an opportunity to save some money. For instance, a microfiber cloth can successfully replace tens of paper towel rolls and is so soft, it can be used even on the most delicate glass surfaces!
Also, try carrying a travel mug with you, when you leave your place – most coffee houses will be happy to refill it and might also give you a discount for not using disposable cups.
Remember, that portable power supply can be reusable too! With very little places to recycle old batteries, it is especially important to keep rechargable ones, which can be reused many times before you ever need to buy new ones.

All of the above is merely a short list of vast possibilities to help the planet and benefit your and your family’s health. We are sure that you can easily think of more ways to make 2013 a greener year! And if you do, why not sharing them with us on Facebook?

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