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Reflecting on Covid - 19

Monday, September 28th, 2020

I don’t think there is any business or a person which has not been affected by Covid – 19.  AG Cleaning Services and I are no different. It was easy to look at the negative effects – we could see them all a

round us – but I do want to believe there are some positive outcomes and lessons we can take.

The walks I now do once a day help to clear my mind; I didn’t know so many beautiful streets are in my neighbourhood! Before Covid – 19, I was always so busy running from place-to-place which meant I never had time to just stop, look and enjoy.

I have learnt that working out at home can be as effective as in the gym, if not better and faster in some ways.

I got also closer to the cleaners as we were able to share our experiences, fears and hopes. Normally with a busy schedule I would call them only if I needed to pass on a message, but with Covid – 19 we would check on each other and make sure we are well both physically and mentally.

I started to look differently at my house as it became my office, gym, cinema, and restaurant. I learned that toothpaste is a great cleaner for washing machine drawers and as a mould remover, and I learned that vinegar with lemon can do miracles for daily cleaning routines. Baking soda is also amazing for cleaning purposes, and it’s safe and environment-friendly. Finally I was able to experiment and check if all those articles about vinegar, soda and lemon are true. Good news – they are!

Since I spent more time at home and I needed more space, I have learnt that I kept so many things I really didn’t need. Marie Kondo became my cleaning guru. She has inspired me to make my home more organised and more specious – and you can do a lot of good by donating things you don’t need as they may be useful for others.

Unfortunately organising and clearing up is not our line of business, but I highly recommend spending one weekend to just take out what you don’t need – its therapeutic and the feeling of achievement is great. Of course, we will be happy to clean for you those forgotten corners which are now empty. 🙂

To my surprise I was able to meet more of you than ever before. Picking up or dropping the keys off or just checking on your cleaner gave me the opportunity to stop and chat. Very often those little conversations really made my day, so thank you.

It has not been easy to see everything that my employees and I were building over the past 17 years fall apart when we went into lockdown, but all those little things above were helpful to go through. Now we are getting busier; you clients are steadily coming back and there is nothing more powerful than seeing a light of hope.


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